Tips for using the hot tub in winter

Tips for using the hot tub in winter

Winter is no longer far away! When the temperature outside is below zero, relaxation in the hot tub creates a magical atmosphere that will leave only a few lovers of sauna procedures indifferent! However, we have some tips that are recommended to be taken into account during the winter season – we will also share them in this article.

Water may take longer to heat up in winter

It should be noted that heating the water in the tub will take longer than usual – air temperature is an important factor in the speed of heating the tub. Therefore, to speed up the water heating process, put a lid on the tub. In this way, the influence of the external climate will not unnecessarily prolong the heating of the water.

When the air temperature drops below zero

When the thermometer has already dropped below zero, you must make sure that the water freezing in the tub is never allowed. Since water expands during freezing, its volume increase can cause serious damage to fiberglass lining, wood panels, heaters and massage systems – that’s why it’s important to think ahead so that your hot tub doesn’t get damaged due to purely stupid carelessness.

For example – the temperature drops to -5° and the tub is filled almost to the top… If you plan to use the wooden tub the next day, you can leave only enough water in the pool so that it does not freeze quickly… However, if the tub will stand unused for a week or more, then it must be completely drained. Completely draining the tub means not only getting all the water out, but also making sure that there is no water left in the various connections and hoses…

If the hot tub is equipped with an air massage system, the remaining water must be blown out of the pipes and hoses of this system. First, drain the hot tub completely, then turn on the air massage blower and let it run for 5 to 7 minutes until all the remaining water is drained. However, when it comes to the hydromassage system, the water does not need to be removed additionally – it is completely removed from the system when the fan is turned off.

Don’t plan to use the tub in winter? Then the tub should be winterized

If the hot tub will not be used all winter, then it should be prepared for winterization. First of all, the water must be completely removed from the tub, its heater, massage systems and other connections. This applies to all types of tubs and their pools – fiberglass-wood tubs, polypropylene and wood tubs. If a hot tub with an internal stove is installed, insulation cloth can be wrapped around it! If with an external oven, it is possible to disconnect the oven for storage in warmer rooms, and wrap the ball itself with an insulating cloth. Filters, massage pumps and other equipment that can be disconnected should be stored in warmer rooms after disconnection, not outside.

These few tips will be useful to fully enjoy relaxing in the hot tub even in winter, while ensuring that your hot tub lasts as long as possible!

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