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We will deliver the wooden tub wherever you want for 0.40 €/km. Or drive your own car, all you need is category B driver license!

We also offer dry firewood: 40 l bag for 3 €

Kubla nomas cena

Vienas dienas koka kubla nomas cena ir 60 €;
Nedēļas nogalei no piektdienas līdz svētdienai, koka kubla nomas maksa ir 100 €;
Visai nedēļai no pirmdienas līdz svētdienai, koka kubla nomas cena ir 250 €.

Easy to move wooden tub, great opportunity to enjoy a warm bath under the open sky at any time of the year! The wooden tub is equipped with a fiberglass bath inside which is hygienically clean and easy to maintain. The tub is equipped with a wooden paddle for mixing water and stairs. The water in the tub warms up in average 3h to 40 degrees, of course it depends on the weather.

  • Diameter - 2 m (1.83 m inner)
  • Depth - 0.88 m
  • Capacity - 6 people

The second type of wooden tub is equipped with:

LED lighting

Koka kubls ar led apgaismojumu pieejams nomā

Aeromassage system

Koka kubla ar burbuļvannu noma