Tips for using a wooden hot tub

Tips for using a wooden hot tub

If you have already purchased or are just planning to purchase a wooden hot tub, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with some important recommendations for using the tub.

Useful tips for using the hot tub:

  • When heating the tub, we recommend putting a lid on top – that way the water will heat up much faster.
  • The recommended water temperature in the tub is between 32°C and 39°C.
  • Make sure that the water temperature does not exceed 48°C.
  • We recommend staying in the tub no longer than 20 minutes without a break.
  • In winter, after a hot sauna, you can cool down in water heated to 25°C.
  • In summer, after a hot sauna, you can cool off in cool water without even heating the tub.

How to properly care for a wooden bathtub?

  • The tub is without cracks, so you don’t have to keep the water in it like in a tub with a wooden pool!
  • After using the tub, drain the water and rinse it. You can use a high-pressure washer (for example Karcher), you can also use non-abrasive cleaning agents.
  • Pool disinfectants may also be used.
  • In winter, when the tub is not in use, the water must be drained from it!
  • The stove should be fired with dry firewood (ideally – with birch or alder).
  • We do not recommend using only conifers or only oak for firewood, under no circumstances do not use coal!
  • It is recommended to clean the wood stove regularly – at least every 3 times per use.
  • We recommend preparing a straight base on which the tub will be located, because the surface may become uneven and the tub lining may crack as the base deforms!

Additional tips:

  • To create an even more pleasant atmosphere, you can add herbs, sea salt or essential oils to the water.

In order for the wooden hot tub to serve as an investment for your health and for a long time, it must be properly cared for, maintained and the above recommendations should be followed, preventing the possibility that it could wear out faster than planned.

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