Timber frame insulated house 6.4 x 4.1 m with a lounge, sauna, shower and WC

Timber frame insulated house 6.4 x 4.1 m with a lounge, sauna, shower and WC

We manufacture timber frame insulated houses according to the project, design, equipment and dimensions chosen by the customer, with complete interior and exterior decoration, 100% ready for use. To learn more about manufacturing options and pricing specifically for your project, contact us.

Price incl. VAT : €23500.00 Quantity : Order
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This timber frame insulated house is equipped with a lounge, a sauna, a shower room and a toilet. The entire frame is made of calibrated C24 material, high-quality stone wool is used for insulation.

The development price of a project of this size and type with VAT is usually between 15’000 – 25’000€

Contact us with your idea on phone 24338491 and get a consultation on the development of an individual project, according to your needs and budget.

Considering that this project is exactly what the client wanted, the price of this project is 23’500€ with VAT

What is included in the equipment and price of this timber frame house, see the Equipment section




  • External dimensions – 6.40 x 4.10 m
  • Internal area – 21.5 square meters


  • Painted and treated exterior frame finish
  • Rolled profile roofing + water drains
  • 150 mm stone wool insulation
  • Flooring of the lounge – vinyl laminate
  • Veneer wall decoration for the recreation room
  • Tiled + electrically heated floors for shower, toilet and sauna
  • Wood-burning stove + insulated chimney
  • Plumbing assemblies
  • Electrical connection with fuses
  • Outdoor and indoor lighting lamps + sockets
  • Veneer wall decoration
  • Electric water heater
  • 2 small and 3 double-glazed windows
  • Wooden front door with glazing
  • Wooden door for WC
  • Tempered glass sauna door
  • Minerite protective sheets for the sauna stove
  • Wooden enclosure of sauna stove
  • Black alder sauna benches

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